Career Opportunities For Academic Writing Talents

Flexible schedule and opportunities for self-development in one profitable job

Welcome to the resource that gives opportunities to academic writers. In short, what we offer you is the ability to devote some of your free time to nurturing your writing talent and… yes, get money for this. We believe that talents need to be improved and rewarded, preferably in material way. This site is designed and gets regularly updated for the sole purpose of fast and easy connection between eager customers and talented freelancers.

Perhaps you are a gifted and responsible writer with sufficient academic background. You feel that you have time and motivation for writing extra papers… And it’s very likely that you want to earn more… Then, it’s high time to start working with us!

Cooperation: the first step

Are you ready to have good time doing creative work? Okay…

The first step you need to make is submitting your portfolio and personal data. The latter is needed just to give you your precious money and better understand your background.

To be honest, we’re no less curious about you than you are about us. The quality assurance team of will look through the information you provided while giving you some more exercises to test your professional skills.

What’s ahead…

Once you register at this site, you will be offered to pass our grammar test. Take a deep breath, as you will be expected to answer several questions quite quickly. This part of the process won’t take more than 15 minutes.

The following part requires so much less hurry. You will be given 2 weeks to submit an original academic work of 2-3 pages based on 2 sources. This assignment will also require a certain style of writing (APA, MLA) and a specific subject. There is a list of 20 subjects related to research in itself, and you will be exploring one of these topics. The following guidelines are our standard requirements to the work of the writers of that are also helpful in the process of writing.

A hint for you: You’re just about to start an exciting but demanding journey. So, set your goals high and try to do the best. If any one of the two tests is failed, you won’t be able to apply for the next 6 months.

Your very first instructions

In our anticipated cooperation, you will be dealing with instructions quite often. They are given by the customers, and it’s crucial to follow them (even if you know for sure that you could have done better than expected). This set of instructions is a must-know for every writer. This is probably not quite new to you as an experienced author of academic texts. Still, the list is worth taking a glance.

Regarding the subject

Subject is your sun to which you always turn like a diligent sunflower. Paragraph sprawls and digressions from the topic are considered inappropriate. Some customers may want you to define the subject by yourself or narrow the existing one down, which is an enticing opportunity for your creativity.


It’s likely that your high academic credit allows for more relaxed attitude to your deadlines than usual (or maybe it’s not your case). This is definitely not about our customers. For them, deadlines are extremely important, and so they should be for you. Most of our writers are proud of the time management skills they acquire here.


Like most of the educational institutions all over the world, we have zero tolerance to plagiarism. Develop an allergy to plagiarized content like the one of our quality assurance team: with university assignments, it is always helpful.

Understandably, you may want to check your writing for plagiarism. In our company, you really don’t have to: we use Copyscape to do the job. Please DON’T use Turnitin to check anything you write: the thing is that many customers have their papers checked by their tutors later with the same software – and with 100% plagiarism index, as the program saves the copy of your document.

Approval and payment

Your work gets approved when the customer is fully satisfied with it. Most good works get approved immediately after submission. However, if a customer is not satisfied with the product he/she received, you may have to revise the paper according to the instructions. This work is not paid, but your denial to perform revision results in the cancellation of order and your loss of money. There are several payment options (welcome to see more on it here: write essay for me The most popular way of payment is getting your money twice per month, on the 10th and the 25th day.

H2: We’re happy to answer your questions

You are welcome to ask anything about our requirements and bonuses here.

We’re happy that you are on this page. Maybe this day will change our careers dramatically: you will get new opportunities while we will have one more talent in the staff to treasure. Welcome to continue your professional growth with us!

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